Hello and welcome! My name is Karen Brookes and I live at Herdman House Farm in PILLING, near Preston. This is in Lancashire, the Red Rose county, well known for its beef and dairy cattle. A favourable climate for growing grass (it rains a lot!) means herds thrive here and they are well looked after by skilled stockmen.


My Rylestone* Belted Galloway herd consists currently of 44 cows, two stock bulls plus around 25 young stock of varying ages.  The cows have lived continuously on Cockerham Marsh for over 20 years now and are a distinctive sight for drivers on the A 5678 Pilling to Cockerham road.


The cows graze an area which is rich in various fauna, As it is affected by incoming tides it is classes as Salt Marsh, which some say gives the meat from animals living there an extra flavour dimension. It is certainly a place that our Belties feel at home and are reluctant to leave, even for adjoining grass fields.


Belted Galloway Herd



Rylestone Belted galloway





Our breeding objectives have always been the same; first and foremost, to maintain the intrinsic qualities of the breed which are based on having a good herd of cows. Then, to strive for animals with good conformation (shape), particularly the male offspring. This comes from using a good sire (stock bulls)


Stock Bulls